All We Need is Love

It’s that time of year. After just finishing watching Love Actually with my dear friend of ten years (God we are old) and after blasting Cee Lo Green’s “All I Need is Love,” it sort of clicked what the next theme needed to be. Love. And unlike what the media,music and movie world has decided for us, love is not about being single or not single during the holidays. Love is infinite. Love is what connects us all. And with all the tragedies that have recently happened, the importance of love couldn’t be more understated. Love is healing. When tragedy, the unexplainable, difficult times, sickness and the other difficult waves of life happen, we become overwhelmed with the negative, toxic emotions. We soon become consumed with anger, rage, fear, sorrow and these are natural reactions. We need time to process these emotions and they should be expected, we need time to grieve. But when we become entrenched with these toxic feelings, we only hurt ourselves more, we trap ourselves in a place that becomes harder and harder to get out of. The only way to begin to heal is to realize the power of love. Love is healing. Look at what has happened over the past year, there has been many difficult times and tragedies. It is very easy to become consumed by the negative of “what has the world become?” But when we do this, this very “evil,” has gotten exactly what it wanted. And if you look at everything that has happened, it is amazing to see how “evil” has not succeeded. People have poured in support for one another, they have come together, they have facilitated the healing process. States, towns, communities, individuals have overcome unimaginable things with the power of love and forgiveness. And that brings us to today, Christmas, a time of love. Forget it being about being single vs in a relationship at the holidays, or the amount of people that you are surrounded by at Christmas. Look way beyond that. The holidays is a time to cherish the amount of love we are surrounded by, the one source that connects us all to each other. Love isn’t about having expectations on getting things in return, it isn’t about some ideal romantic dream, it is a true genuine feeling with no requirements on reciprocity. Love comes from within each of us. In fact, as one book I have read explained so well, if you’re living a life of gratitude, you are harmoniously living a life of love. The two seem to couple each other hand in hand. Think of the way you were surrounded by love in some way this Christmas, no matter what way you spent it. Maybe it was that phone call from a family member that brought a smile to your face, the random act of kindness you witnessed or heard about, the people in your living room, your dog’s wagging tail with the excitement in the air, the list could go on and on. As the song so fittingly changed in Love Actually Christmas, “Love is all around me and so the feeling grows.” Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everyone.

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