Part 2- A Lesson on Reality, Success and a Blizzard!!!

HAPPY BLIZZARD!!!! (Check out more pictures at bottom)


So I stated in the last post if you ask five people, “what happened?” you will get five different answers. How true that it is. I was surprised how many different responses and interpretations I got on the last post. I was slightly defensive about it and felt like I didn’t convey my positive message right but than I realized this is no different than what I talked about. We all bring something different to the table and we all walk away with our own unique taste based on so many things.

I write this blog to be about one journey with life, to share life lessons that everyone can relate to on some level. My lessons just happen to be learned through a healing process from some health conditions.

I will have posts sharing health info, like the next one coming, (it is something that I am very passionate about), treatments, food, etc. But my overall goal is to simply be honest and real.

Finally, sure, I would like to raise some awareness about CFS just so people understand a little more-maybe help other people be exempt from the many comments such as the typical (yes these are things i have heard) “I think I have that- I am really tired too.” “Depression is hard.” “You should drink more coffee.” ” Oh well, why haven’t you gone to Doctor X, Y,Z, Hospital A, B, C?”

But that’s not my focus, that’s not what my passion is. Other than spreading some basic awareness, I want to share life lessons, information, inspiration. I am simply documenting one human journey through life.

So a continuation from the last post and perfect timing with the Ice Age 3 that just happened: finding contentment from within. When I finally shifted recently after my crash, I took yet more lessons to go onwards and upwards. In many ways, we all “crash” at points in our life even if it’s not a physical deterioration: we get in a rut, we become discontent, we find ourselves facing a difficult series of events. It’s what you walk away with that matters. These are the tools that allow us to move forward to face our next challenge with a new perspective.

The meditation I put on the day after I wrote my last post (mind you, I just randomly put them on not paying attention to the title) couldn’t have coincided better like they all seem to. You really do always get what you need!

“Everything I desire is within me.”

I was brought up with this concept, along with, “life is what you make of it,” but I used to just get pissed when I would hear it. I’d always shoot back at my mom “well you just don’t get it.” But whether we like it or not, it is so true and this is the very concept I was arriving at. And this last crash left me no choice but to step up to the plate and face this.

Assuming the basic needs of food, water, shelter, are met, we always do have what we need to make our lives “something” and to truly be successful. We tend to start running quickly with the idea “Well I don’t have, x, y, z.” We all do it. And I won’t lie, I’ve done it plenty with the whole health situation.

But all of this is simply looking outside ourselves or everywhere but our own lives for happiness, security, contentment, you insert the blank. All of us experience difficult times, or have difficult situations in our life. Whether we like it or not, life can throw us a lot of shit: sometimes all at once, sometimes over gradual time, some of us more than others but we all have that something. As an article that I read in a magazine put so well, people seem to be so consumed when something terrible happens to them, they can’t understand why. “Why me?” “Why not you?” The author stated, “Who do you think it should be instead? The neighbor?”

It’s what we do with this “pile of shit” that defines our lives. In this very moment, many people are experiencing difficult times all over. But every setback in our lives is simply another opportunity. It’s an opportunity to take that outside look, a chance to redefine priorities, re appreciate something, find another route, create new options and move forward. “The seeds of success are found within every challenge.”

The theme ties the last posts together well. Technology dependence for constant connection, feeling stuck, and the likes…

I know that I was finally to shift from this recent crash to relight a fire of determination, to reexamine the importance of mindfulness, and to alter my healing plan once again. My list of things which I will be excited to share and write more about, especially for the fellow health journey readers, includes: DAILY Morning Meditation, Stillness Buddy (courtesy of Johannes Stark’s site), more EFT, tweaking with methylation protocol, and more. But most importantly: I used this recent setback to rememembr how to be content with ME, with whatever my current situation is.

There’s always that something that can bring us back to that place if we get too far. Maybe it’s a walk outside, listening to a favorite song, playing a piano, reading a book, art, taking a bath, playing with your pet, the list goes on. What’s yours?


Well in the good old Northeast, we have all been stuck in our homes for over 48 hours. The plows can’t get through so they have had to resort to tractors. I’d say that slows down the process. I can’t help but feel a little entertainment/amusement the way everyone I have talked to is going so incredibly stir crazy/off the wall being stuck in the house. 48 hours!!! This has been my life on and off for over the past year!

I do get it, I know when I start feeling well is when I go really stir crazy being in my house too. But it is the perfect opportunity to take that moment and realize how to find contentment. We can’t change when the plows will come but we can change the way we respond to the situation. We can use it as a time to appreciate what’s around us. We can appreciate all the things we do have: power, heat, etc. Best of All: we can just simply LAUGH at how absurd the whole thing turned out to be.

But most importantly, we can remember that “each situation that challenges you fund the seeds of success”***

***Deepak Chopra’s 21 Day Meditation Challenge: Creating Abundance. Check it out!

Check out the pictures!!

I found the bird pretty special. He was the only thing out there riding the branch during the storm. He was right outside my window- I found it to be very symbolic. Check him out at the bottom.

Reached about 34 inches (86.34 cm)

Reached about 34 inches (86.34 cm)

The cuties walking through their path in the driveway that had been "plowed"

The cuties walking through their path in the driveway that had been “plowed”

The Chairs that normally sit on the deck

The deck

trying to melt all the snowballs off. woof.

trying to melt all the snowballs off. woof.

the only creature out during the snow.

the only creature out during the snow.

My little symbol.

My little symbol.

can't say it's not pretty

can’t say it’s not pretty

Have you experienced a blizzard?


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