Abundance or Lack? What do you see?

Two years ago I was probably in the same place as I am now, if anything I probably had more physical capabilities back then with my  walking and standing capability. But two years ago all I saw was how little I could do , how held back I was , how much I was missing. All I saw were my limitations.  Coming from the extreme place I came from,   I am now in complete joy of the things I can do. I can read again, I can watch movies , I can handle light and sound. I live in my house instead of my bed. I can help with the food cooking. I can ride in a car. Even the days I can barely get off the couch from pure exhaustion, I embrace it . I turn it into an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to take a nap, it’s an opportunity to watch Glee. I have learned to stop fighting with what is. (Though there are times I still struggle with this)  Fighting against everything makes life a lot more difficult . Softening and accepting what is allows us to receive abundance. It allows us to see all the things  we would blow over if our mind is too busy fighting everything. Even if I can’t do much on a givin day, I can watch the birds outside. I can be present in the moment. These are the gifts of life. As my best friend pointed out, even if my memory sucks or I’m feeling exhausted at least I’m alive, literally . I do believe our world is a direct reflection of our internal world. If you want to see lack and the that’s where your thoughts focus, you’ll see plenty of it. I did that plenty. If you want to see abundance then look around and find it. It’s everywhere. It’s another day alive, it’s your friends and family, it’s your very breath of air. It’s that lame saying, is the glass half full or half empty ? Is it what you have or don’t have ? Is it what you can do or can’t? It isn’t about pretending you’re happy at a miserable job (life really is too short to be doing something you can’t stand) or putting a a fake smile on and being positive polly. It’s simply an awareness of your thoughts and focus. You ultimately can be the one to decide what your world looks like….


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